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Lottomat - the world's biggest lotteries in one place

how to play lottoCan I play lotteries available in other countries?

Yes Yes Yes! The answer to the most frequently asked question by our players is YES - You can play the world's largest lotteries regardless of what country you live in. On the Lottomat website, the largest lotteries are available to you without having to visit any lottery office, even the nearest lottery, which is located in your country of residence. At Lottomat you will find lotteries guaranteeing the biggest winnings, among them SuperEnalotto in which to win the main prize you must correctly cross 6 numbers from 90, there is also Eurojackpot, Euromillions which is the largest European lotteries, where to win you only need to pick 5 numbers from 50. With us you can also play French Lotto, UK Lotto or two fantastic Spanish lotteries; El Gordo and La Primitiva giving high chances to win. In our portfolio you will also find the largest American lotteries; Powerball and Mega Millions and many other attractive lotteries thanks to which you have the opportunity to increase your chances of winning.

euro jackpotHow can I buy the tickets?

Buying lotto tickets online is extremely simple, fast and above all secure. All you have to do is choose a lottery, then choose the numbers, go through a simple registration, pay the coupon and check that you have chosen correctly after the draw.

Euro MillionWhat happens after I order the coupon online?

One of our representatives will purchase an official coupon on your behalf according to the numbers you have chosen. Your coupon will be deposited in the safe until the draw, and the numbers you selected will be on your user account on our site. What's more, when you make a purchase, Lottomat will also inform you by e-mail about the amount you have spent on purchasing tickets, the payment method as well as about the numbers you have chosen and will place a scan of the coupon you have purchased on your account.

Euro MillionsHow not to miss the jackpots?

Lottomat will ensure that you are kept informed of upcoming Jackpots. You will receive an email in advance to remind you of the upcoming draw and you will be able to plan your individual schedule of your games using the subscription option.

mega millionsWhat if I win?

Also at this moment Lottomat makes it easier for you to collect your winnings. All your winnings up to EUR 2,500 immediately after the draw automatically go to your account in our system and can be used by you for next purchases or you can request withdrawal from your account. You do all this online - conveniently and safely. In the case of major prizes, Lottomat will manage with you the most convenient form of receiving the prize. Big prizes are usually deposited on the bank account you specify and in some cases may require your personal appearance in order to receive the Win - this will also be done by us so that you can fully enjoy the winnings as many of our current winners.

online lottoAre there any methods to win?

We would lie to you if we assure you we know such methods. Lotteries, like most number games, are based on randomness. You've probably heard many times that someone has discovered the Lotto game system or another game of chance and despite the fact that there is evidence that certain numbers are actually drawn much more often than others, we have to agree with the statements of experts that there is no proven system. This is the Lotto paradox. Everyone has the same chances here, so maybe just today your set of numbers will win. So let's play systematically, because fate can smile at any time. Our current winners indicate regularity and consistent playing as the way to win.

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