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How does Mega Millions lotto workHow does Mega Millions lotto work and what can one win?

Mega Millions lottery is an uncomplicated numbers game. The Mega Millions rules  are really simple and easy to remember. Each player’s task is to select 5 main numbers within the range of 1 to 70 and choose Mega Ball which is one special bonus number within the range of 1 to 25. Of course, the main prize is meant for the winner whose ticket contains all 6 drawn number which is 5 main numbers and 1 bonus number. It is worth noting here that Mega Millions is a lotto that has as many as 9 levels on which every player can get a monetary award. What is more important, a Mega Millions ticket with only the Mega Ball selected correctly also wins. As we described above, Mega Millions is a lotto that gives truly great chances to win millions of dollars.

Correctly choosing all the numbers that get drawn guarantees getting the main prize or a part of it if there is more than one winner. If several players select all the drawn lotto numbers then the main monetary prize is split proportionally among all the contestants. If you hit 5 main numbers, but fail to hit Mega Ball, you get a guaranteed prize of whole 1 000 000 dollars (that’s right, you’re not seeing things, we’re talking about one million dollars for 5 guessed numbers!).

Mega Millions is a lottery with lotto jackpots happening frequently which can grow to unfathomable sums of money, so winning tickets of this lottery give very huge earnings to the winners.

Mega Millions has very interesting two options for the players. Sadly, those extra options including ability to purchase a cheaper ticket for the jackpot only and to multiply earnings from the lower tiers of the game are only available to citizens of specific US states, but the main prize and its lower tiers are absolutely available to all the other players.

price of a Mega Millions lottery ticketWhat is the price of a Mega Millions lottery ticket?

In order to check the cost of a single ticket or a bigger quantity of them, one has to visit the LottoMat website and use the option of selecting winning numbers. After filling out the ticket, its price will be displayed under the tickets. The calculator will automatically calculate the value of the payment based on the number of Mega Millions online tickets selected.

The price of a ticket contains the cost of the ticket as well as all the commission fees and it is final. You don’t have to worry about anything else, just wait for the Mega Millions current drawing results.

How to purchase a Mega Millions  ticketHow to purchase a Mega Millions ticket?

In Mega Millions prize drawings, it is not obligatory to live on the territory of United States, but there is no other option but purchasing a Mega Millions ticket online. Stationary lottery offices are only available in USA. The only thing you have to do is fill out a ticket on the LottoMat website and then pay for it (there are several options of preferred payment methods).

Millions of dollars are within reach, without having to leave the house, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These days you can play the Mega Millions lottery online while sitting comfortably in your chair. The online lotteries are pretty much the basis of this business these days.

Your ticket will participate in the American lotto, and if you win, the prize will be sent entirely or in installments, depending on the option you chose. Drawings take place on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the current lottery drawing results can be looked up on the LottoMat website.

Enter the Play option and see how easy it is to purchase a lottery ticket online. All you need to win is luck!

cplay Mega Millions lotteryHow to play Mega Millions lottery online?

Thanks to our website, you don’t have to go to USA to purchase a Mega Millions lottery ticket. The only thing for you to do is to select 5 main numbers within the range of 1 to 70 and an extra Mega Ball number within the range of 1 to 25. You can also use the random option where the numbers get randomly selected. In order to win the main prize, you have to correctly select all the numbers. The less numbers you hit, the lower your winnings.

Select 5 main numbers within the range of 1 to 70 and one special number called Mega Ball from 1 to 25. Choose your own numbers and play for millions today! Using the results of the world’s largest lotteries, you can prepare your own game strategy.

How to play the Mega MillionsHow to play the Mega Millions online to win?

  • What to do in order not to spend a fortune on the game, but still be able to participate in the lottery with a bigger number of tickets? That’s simple – only play when there’s a rollover and invite your friends or family to play. It is the best way to win, with splitting the cost of Mega Millions tickets among the participants of a family game. Remember that chances to win a prize grow with the number of tickets you buy.
  • The way of choosing the numbers only depends on you. You can use the random option to fill the Mega Millions ticket with random numbers or use your lucky numbers.
  • You can also check the results of previous Mega Millions drawings to find the most and the least drawn numbers in Mega Millions and develop your own strategy for numbers games.
  • You buy a lottery ticket and we wish you good luck!

Mega Millions lottery online – read about Mega Millions history

The Mega Millions online lottery is over twenty years old now. It started back in 1996, when the first drawing took place under the name of Big Game, the subsequent drawings took place every Friday. Initially, only six US states participated in the lottery, but later they were joined by more. In 2002, big changes took place in the Big Game lottery, which, among other things, changed its old name to Mega Millions, the rules of the game were also changed to become more attractive for the players, an additional drawing on Tuesdays was also introduced. Today, even you are able to play the American lotto, all you have to do is buy a Mega Millions ticket on the LottoMat website.

Mega Millions up until 2016 was a lottery that could boast the highest winning in history, which amounted to 665 000 000 dollars. It took 4 years for Powerball to take over that title, but it’s still one of the games designed in a way to make the prizes as high as possible.

Mega Millions online era

Currently, Mega Millions is an American lottery that players from outside United States can participate in as well. It doesn’t matter where you are, all you need is a phone or laptop with Internet access and you can play Mega Millions online. Today even you have a chance to play the American lotto online. The only condition is purchasing a lottery ticket using a website. A perfect tool for that purpose is the LottoMat website which offers you not only the opportunity to purchase a lottery ticket but also everything related to numbers games, from the basic information to the results.

Now you know how to play Mega Millions online. Don’t wait any longer and play Mega Millions online at Lottomat. You can win a fortune in the next draw!

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