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As of today, online lotto has millions of fans around the world, the popularity of games of chance keeps growing, and the number of new players is steadily growing as well. Because of that, we have gathered the most famous and prestigious lotteries of the world on the Lottomat website, providing the players with a chance to participate in online lotto regardless of where in the world they are currently located.

how to buy lottoInternet lotteries – convenience and time saving

Purchasing online lottery tickets no longer means necessity of visiting the nearest lottery office. Thanks to our website, you don’t even have to leave your house, in fact you don’t even have to leave your comfy chair or sofa. On the Lottomat website, you can purchase tickets and bet your lucky numbers in a lotto drawing with just few clicks. Thanks to the intuitive system, all you have to do is pick the favorite lottery, fill out the ticket personally or using the random option, and then wait for the drawing results! Lotto drawing results of course you can also check it on our website, and you can verify your luck in drawings by logging into your user account. They say that time is money, so don’t waste any more of it, enter a game with incredibly high monetary prizes! Purchase a lottery ticket right now, and if you’re lucky, you will soon be a millionaire!

how to play lottoPurchasing tickets online

Today, in the era of Internet, buying lottery tickets is much simpler thanks to the ability to purchase them online. You don’t have to look for a lottery office anymore, you don’t even have to leave your house, all you need is Internet access, like in your phone, and purchasing tickets becomes easy as pie. You can fill out a ticket with your lucky numbers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Which pretty much means any time you feel like, and remember that appetite grows with eating! Although in this case it grows with each drawing and rollover.

loto onlineWhat do you have to do to be able to participate in online lotto?

In online lotto, pretty much anyone can participate. Only two things are needed. First of all, Internet access, which makes it possible to purchase tickets online, and obviously a credit card or an e-wallet so that we can pay for those tickets. E-wallets are easy to use, they’re also very safe and make it possible to use them regardless of what country we’re in.

It is worth noting that thanks to the Lottomat website, you can purchase tickets and play lotteries from any place in the world. You don’t have to be in Great Britain to play UK Lottery or in United States to use the Powerball lottery.

loto onlineHow to play online lotto to win?

That’s the key question that every player asks themselves and us. There is no single correct answer or a ready solution. Number lotteries are games of chance, a lot depends here on luck, skills, knowledge of rules. The only reasonable answer is that in order to win a lottery you simply have to play, preferably on a regular basis. Our chances grow with every extra purchased ticket for a particular lottery. Winnings happen a lot in lotto, in most lotteries every drawing ends with someone winning a smaller or bigger amount. Of course, the biggest winnings are when hitting the rollover jackpot, where the value of the prize is incredibly high, measured in millions.

Plenty of players develop their own lotto system. What does it mean? Most of them meticulously look up the current drawing results, write down which numbers pop up the most and based on that data they create their own playing system. Does it work? It’s hard to clearly determine, but each of us does it their own way in order to increase the lottery winnings. Each of us has chances to hit the jackpot and become a millionaire!

lottery onlineThe Lottomat website – what does it offer to us?

On the Lottomat website, every player will find everything they need to start or continue their adventure with online lotteries. It has the most important information on every available lottery, the rules are described in a very clear and easy way. Of course, the website couldn’t do without the current lotto results and jackpots. When going to the individual lotteries, we can look up both today’s results as well as archived ones, all we have to do is select the desired date.

Each lottery, besides the tabs with results and the most important info, also has the “Play” panel where we can fill out a ticket or few of them. The price for each ticket is calculated automatically, then we can conveniently move on to the payments, all we have to do is click “continue”.

On the Lottomat website, tickets can be filled out personally or using the Random option. If we fill out several tickets at a time then we can use a different option for each of them. There are no rigid rules of operating, everyone chooses whatever suits them best.

Lottomat is a website that contains everything from A to Z on Internet lotteries.

lotto ticketsWhat online lotto are available on the Lottomat website?

Here you will find the most popular number lotteries in the world, not just European ones but also American ones. There’s a total of 7 of them, so everyone can find something for themselves. The truth is, it is the best to try all the games, instead of limiting oneself to just one.

On the Lottomat website, one can, among others, participate in the Powerball lottery, which is the number one hit not only in United States but around the world. The jackpots in this lottery are so huge that it’s hard to even imagine those sums. In 2017, the greatest winning in the history of Poweball took place, the rollover jackpot was hit by a single player, and its value was close to 759 million dollars. It means that one person won all of it for themselves! Usually rollovers are split among few people.

Another popular lottery also originating in America is Mega Millions. Its jackpots cause such strong emotions that even people who are not into the world of games of chance participate in it!

Lottomat also offers world-famous European lotteries. Among them is EuroMillions, which is Europeans’ favorite. The lowest guaranteed prize in a drawing is 17 million euro, in the event of a rollover the winnings can reach the maximum of 240 millions, which is no small money. Don’t waste your time and buy EuroMillions tickets online now!

What else can we find here? Among others, the Italian SuperEnalotto, which keeps growing in popularity not only in Italy and Europe. Then there’s also Eurojackpot, Lottery UK which is the national lottery of Great Britain.

It is worth noting that regardless of where in the world we’re currently located, we can easily participate in any lottery available on the Lottomat website.

online ticketsThe lottery terms of use

According to the  law, only adults can participate in a lottery, which means those above the age of eighteen. It is worth noting, though, that every lottery has its own terms of use that one has to read as they not always correspond with our local law.

Read the info on lotteries and pick the one that seems the most attractive to you. Prepare a game strategy or rely on blind chance using the random option. Pick the numbers and purchase a lottery ticket online, getting a chance to win millions. It is that easy!