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Minimum lines for this lottery is 2.


lotto 6aus49 onlineHow to play Lotto 6aus49?

This German lottery, Lotto 6aus49 online, is an extremely popular option not only in Germany but across Europe, thanks in part to its easy-to-understand rules and cheap entry cost.

As in its name, you can win 6aus49 through correctly choosing six balls from a pot of 1 through 49. After all, 6aus49 literally translates to 6 from 49. The unique part of Lotto 6aus49 comes in its unique Superzahl, the lottery’s equivalent to a bonus ball. This ball, number from 0 to 9, isn’t chosen by you, and is instead given to you based off the last digit of your ticket number.

To win the lottery’s full jackpot, you must choose all six balls correctly, as well as get a matching Superzahl on your ticket number. Otherwise, if you don’t have the Superzahl, you’ll be given the second prize tier, generally around €600,000.

How can I play Lotto 6aus49 onlineHow can I play Lotto 6aus49 online?

Lotto 6aus49 online is incredibly easy to get into, with tickets available on for as little as €2.50 per entry. You’ll purchase a lottery ticket online after selecting your six balls of 49. Your Superzahl will be automatically assigned, either completely randomly or based off your ticket number.

To predict the numbers, you can either individually pick your six choices or let our Quick Pick option take care of randomly selecting six numbers for every entry. After paying for your entry, you’ll just have to wait until the soonest 6aus49 drawing. These take place twice a week, at both 6:25 PM or 18:25 on Wednesday evenings, or 7:25 PM or 19:25 on Saturday evenings.

By purchasing a ticket through you can view the latest Lottery Results, check in on your ticket purchases, play the world’s best lotteries in the meantime, or check in on the chances of winning and prizes for Lotto 6aus49. When either the Wednesday or Saturday drawings arrive, you can view whether you’ve won or not, in addition to how much. If you don’t win, don’t worry! With a ticket cost of €2.50, Lotto 6aus49 isn’t a demanding entry lottery.

lotto 6aus49 payoutWhat prize amount does lotto 6aus49 payout?

Lotto 6aus49, as with most lotteries, increases payouts if one of the twice-a-week drawings don’t result in any winners. Following any losses, the lottery payout will build up, meaning you’ll win more as people lose more. As an example, from May 5th to June 9th, no winners had six balls and the Superzahl, meaning that the prize pool had increased from €2,000,000 to over €32,000,000.

In addition to depending on when the last six and Superzahl was drawn, payout prizes depend on what matches you’ve received. With nine tiers, varying from matching all six balls and the Superzahl to having matched two balls and the Superzahl, there is a lot of opportunity. Tier IX prizes usually stand at €5, while Tier I is the jackpot and Tier II consists of about one-fifth of the total jackpot.

Depending on the current jackpot size and previous winners per prize tier, Lotto 6aus49 payout ratios per tier may change. While one drawing may have a Tier II reward of €2 million, the next drawing may be as low as a few hundred thousand Euros. Due to this, Lotto 6aus49 online has a constantly changing prize chart, meaning that one day’s prize amount may be completely different the next day.

chances to win lotto 6aus49What chances to win does Lotto 6aus49 have?

While the jackpot is incredibly rare, you have an average chance of 1 in 31 to win a prize. Lotto 6aus49 online has a tier list of odds and prizes, ranging from 1 in 139,838,160 to 1 in 63. Depending on the number of matches and whether you receive the Superzahl, your odds change vastly. In a standard Lotto 6aus49 drawing, these are your chances to win:

Matching 6 and the Superzahl | 1 in 139,838,160

Matching 6 | 1 in 15,537,573

Matching 5 and the Superzahl | 1 in 542,009

Matching 5 | 1 in 60,223

Matching 4 and the Superzahl | 1 in 10,324

Matching 4 | 1 in 1,147

Matching 3 and the Superzahl | 1 in 567

Matching 3 | 1 in 63

Matching 2 and the Superzahl | 1 in 76

With all the chances combined, you have a 1 in 31 chance to win a prize, between €5 and potentially €32,000,000 with a month streak of no winners. Unlike the payout prize, 6aus49’s chances do not change depending on the win amount. You still must choose six of 49, with prizes changing whether you receive a matching Superzahl or not.

Don’t waste your time and play German Lotto 6 aus 49 (Lotto 6/49) online. Wait for the official Lotto 6 aus 49 results and winning numbers. You can win a fortune this week!