Home remodel:

Q. What is your service area?

Statesville, Mooresville, Huntersville, Davidson, Lake Norman

Q. What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Introduce Ourselves, tell A bit of background how long we have been doing remodeling. Explain our quoting process and also our after quote process. After all of that, we show recent pictures of the same type of work the customer is asking for.

Q. What should I think about when asking about a kitchen remodel?

You should often thing of how you want to change your space. Are you changing the entire layout or just some of the kitchen? Moving plumbing or electrical? removing a wall? moving oven vents? Moving appliances? Is your floor level? If not, this will need to be fixed First. A home remodel is a big decision but we are here to help.

Q. How long will my remodel take?

The length of a remodel will depend on how in-depth you remodel will be. Typically, we are able to complete a job within one week.

Q. How can I give my space a new look without completely remodeling it?

You can always change flooring, lighting, or the paint.

Q. How should I repair for a kitchen cabinet refacing project?

The best way to prepare for a kitchen cabinet job would be to have the cabinets cleaned out the night before.

Q. If I do decide to completely remodel my kitchen, what decisions are involved in this?

What style flooring what color and style cabinets? What style backsplash? Removing walls will require a beam to be installed If the wall we remove is load bearing. Will we have to change the plumbing Configuration? Or will we be moving electrical for appliances?

Q. What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?

We Offer a 10 % Discount to Active and Retired Military Personnel, First Responders, Also Senior Citzens. Once You Accept a quote there is a Material Deposit we take before the start of the project.

Q. Can you help with the design phase of my project?

Yes, We can assist in the Design Process

Deck Remodel:

Q. Do I need a permit to build a deck?

If you Already had a deck in place and just want it re built No. New Construction decks would require a permit

Q. How much will it cost to build a deck?

With the Variation in sizes it all depends on How big you go. We usually charge about $18 Per Sqaure Foot. Length X Width= Sqaure Footage

Q. Do I need to provide the materials for the deck?

We Provide the materials So it is no hassle to You. But there is a required Material Deposit Before Starting the Job.

Q. Who will be building the deck?

Shane Hartsell (owner) or James Goshea

Q. How long will it take to build a deck?

This will depend on the size of the deck but I can estimate time from 3 days to 1 week

Q. What if the ground isn't level?

Not a Problem We Can Build Decks on Any Un level Ground. If you would like the Ground under the Deck Level we can Take Care of That as well

Q. What type of payment do you take?

Cash / Check

Q. Are you Insured?


Q. What kind of insurance?

General Business Liability

Landcape/Lawn Service FAQ - General Business

Q. Who will work on my property?

Shane Hartsell or Kristine Hartsell (owners)

Q. Are you insured?


Q. What type of insurance do you have?

General Business Liability

Q. How do you schedule your clients?

Weekly or Bi-Weekly


Q. What is the best day to have my property maintained?

Most Customers Like to have there Yard Nice For the Weekend to Enjoy Thursday & Friday are the most Popular days

Q. I don't want my landscaping done on the weekends, Can you accommodate me?

Yes We Can Setup to Come take care of Your Landscaping Needs Any day of the week

Q. I'm having an event or party, can you pay special attention at my property?

We absolutely can, just let us Know in advance your having a function and we will put it in our notes to take special care of the Yard

Q. How much water does my lawn need in the summer?

You Should Water your grass once a day in the evening in the summer

Q. What size mowers do you use?


Q. At what height do you cut the lawn?

3 1/2"

Q. Why is mowing at the right height and alternating patterns of cut so important?

Mowing at the Right Height Helps keep the grass green and healthy for optimal results, Alternating patterns makes sure that the grass is always smooth and very even heights

Q. How often do you sharpen your mower blades?

Every 2 weeks

Q. Do you provide shrub pruning?

Yes we do

Q. Do you provide commercial grounds maintenance service?

Yes we Provide Commercial grounds Maintenance

Q. What types of maintenance plans do you offer?

Seasonal, Yearly, Weekly And Bi Weekly


Q. How can a well-landscaped home help to sell my home?

The First Thing a Potential Buyer Sees Is your Landscaping when People Look to buy a new home there not looking to move and then have to get straight to work on the landscaping to make it look nice.

Q. How do plants and trees help?

Plants Bring Life to your yard Brighten up Your landscaping they also use Photosynthesis Which Helps turf Grass Grow. Trees Help To produce shade that in turn could help keep some of your plants from burning in the sun.

Q. How is a lawn helpful to the environment?

It Helps Reduce Erosion, Traps Carbon Dioxide, Also Helps Clean Air

Q. When and how should my shrubs be pruned?

Spring/Fall Is the best time to prune shrubs. we will Need to take off about 2-3" of the outer area of shrubs for them to look the best

Q. Why should I have mulch on my property?

Mulch Helps Hold water for your plants/ Shrubs to thrive. Not to mention how long it keeps its color & Looks great all Year round

Q. What type of mulch do you sell and install and what is the cost?

Red / Brown Pallet @ 35 per Yard Not Installed Brown/ Black Hardwood Mulch @ 35 per Yard Not Installed Double Hammered Hardwood @ 30 per Yard

Q. What type of program do you offer for fertilization and control of weeds?

Fertilization is Usually done in the spring and fall when you over-seed to help with the germination Process. Control of weeds can be done throughout the year and will be discussed when quoting depending upon how bad the weeds are